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This post has been long pending. I intended to write this when I held my first iphone after an Andriod phone and soon realized that the real estate (screen size) of my iphone is not something to my liking.
I think the timing couldnt be more right to ask the question as to why did Apple launch iphone 6 plus with a bigger screen? Why made Apple move away from their single variant philosophy with the launch of iphone ‘5C’? What do you think Steve Jobs never learnt from Pepsi?
To answer all the above questions, its important to understand why Android overtook iOS in the first place. While there may be many plausible theories such as democratization of the OS, more manufacturers – cheaper phones (especially in the Asian markets), etc -there is one fundamental reason why the consumers adopted Android over iOS. Its the very reason why Pepsi should have been looking for ‘perfect Pepsis’ and not just a ‘perfect Pepsi’.
Choice, happiness and spaghetti sauce
Watch the brilliant TED talk to know what I mean. Malcolm talks about how when Pepsi was looking for a new product, realized it was Pepsis that catered to people’s choice and not just a Pepsi. The same theory is so true in the mobile world as well.
Each one of us have a different way of using our mobiles. Some are heavy on calls, some on text, some on apps, some on browsing and some others on just music orcamera! There is no one phone fit all. There is no perfect phone, there are only ‘perfect phones’. I like my device big because I spend most time browsing. Hence larger screens appeal to me. Likewise, I am sure you can segment the user depending on what appeals to them. Register for Product management workshop.
Perhaps, this is the reason Apple introduced the Apple Watch with 3 variants and 2 sizes!

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