Product Innovation Academy has entered into Collaborative Partnership with Targeted Convergence Corporation, USA to offer Product Development Courses in India


About TCC

tcc-logoWe believe there is tremendous improvement opportunities in how organizations learn and how they make decisions that will in turn lead to tremendous increases in innovation and the customer satisfaction achieved by those decisions. And we believe that the decision-makers and their teams will have far more fun working that way than the current frustrating paradigm.
Further, we believe that by learning to leverage the knowledge from operations, co-location of operations near development (and development near their rest of their customers) will lead to companies reversing the trend of shipping their operations overseas in hopes of reducing costs… the lost knowledge flow will not be worth it. And that will lead to far more stable economic conditions worldwide, as companies will be doing more like Toyota has been doing: trying to figure out how to establish both design and manufacturing in each of the countries where they want to compete for sales.
Given that, our focus has been to properly understand what works and what doesn’t and why… such that we can help organizations map the best learning & decision-making practices to their companies, their products, and their culture. We continue to learn along with our clients, and that learning is being poured back into our training and software products, for the benefit of all our clients.

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