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Redefine Customer Experience with AI

By June 2, 2017September 23rd, 2023User Experience
The digital age is all about the customer. To compete in this world, where the buyer is in complete control, it’s vital to deliver a better customer experience. With an explosion of next-gen technologies like Cloud, Mobility, Social Networks, Big Data, Analytics, IoT, Machine Learning, and Artificial Intelligence, organizations are striving hard to stay abreast.
A few technologies including Artificial intelligence is enabling organizations to connect with individual customers and get into personal conversations with users from the get-go, rather than waiting for any issues to arise–traditionally.
Artificial intelligence is pushing companies in the right direction to create the best user experience. The tools and technologies driven by AI are increasing day by day. AI can help companies become more efficient and create more technologies to help each individual user.

So how organizations are leveraging these technologies. A few observations below:
Empowering your customer

The next time you want to have a Caffè Verona no-foam coffee, don’t get surprised if you end up placing your order by talking to your smartphone. Starbucks pioneered mobile payments six years ago with its popular app that rewarded users with club points for buying their daily coffee. Soon, Starbucks will up the ante on ordering by creating a Siri-like virtual assistant into its app. The feature will allow users to place their order by tapping a button and talking to the virtual assistant, the good news is that there will no longer be any waiting in a queue to grab your favorite coffee.

Delighting your customer

Hilton has made AI a key part of the customer experience in the Hilton McLean in Virginia, USA. Teaming up with IBM, Hilton is smartly using Connie, the hospitality industry’s first Watson-enabled robot concierge, to cater to guests’ needs for information about a hotel and the surrounding area. This new technology is creating a brand-new user experience and the customers are simply loving Hilton it. Isn’t it amazing?

Deeply understanding your customer

These days, many music and video streaming companies use AI and Machine learning to provide recommendations on similar music that users will enjoy. The application seamlessly monitors the listening preferences and inserts them into a learning algorithm to make the song recommendations. Take the example of Spotify, how the company is delighting its customer and using data-driven insights to show related music, based on their preferences.

Creating unique experience for your customer

AI and Machine learning help Apple choose news stories for its users. It determines whether Apple Watch users are exercising or simply perambulating. It recognizes faces and locations in the photos. It figures out whether the user would be better off leaving a weak Wi-Fi signal and switching to the cell network. Interestingly, it even knows what good filmmaking is, enabling Apple to quickly compile your snapshots and videos into a mini-movie at a touch of a button. And makes wonderful memories for you. Isn’t it amazing?

Empowering your Customers

Leveraging AI and Advanced Analytics, Amazon has won its customers, its customer-centric return policies, frustration free packaging and provides new products if certain products need to be returned and no wonder, why customers are loving this brand.

As always, it is your turn now

What makes AI’s so amazing is its ability to use data stored in their memory and use it to aid customers — just like any customer service representative would. AI is gradually becoming an integral part of our day to day lives, leveraging these advanced technologies, you can create a unique customer experience for your consumers. Don’t you think it’s time to redefine your business strategies and stay ahead of the competition?

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