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Internet of Things, why the sudden surge in interest? Simple – whether we are aware of it or not, it is already upon us. Almost, 14.4 billion Devices connected to the Internet, and that number is expected to grow to 50 billion, which is 6.6, connected devices per person.
Most companies have realized the inevitable need to capitalize on this new, mysterious and frequently used buzzword to thrive and just not survive in the competitive world. However, all too often companies tend to over complicate the user experience of the smart, connected systems making it more prone to failure.
Here’s a User Experience hygiene checklist that needs strong tick-offs while crafting your IoT Business Strategy.
  • Shift focus from a short-term return on investment. Instead, build and sustain an enduring culture of design that drives customer-centered thinking while crafting your IoT strategy
  • It’s common to be over obsessed with design and fall prey to “fancy objects” that meets zero user expectation. Focus on solving the customer problem instead.
  • Find your own niche. Identify specific use cases and design your IoT strategy around it to differentiate your experience from your competitors.
  • Over-indulgence often manifests itself in the design process as the dreaded “feature creep.” Focus on the few most important features for the user.
  • Always design based on user tendencies and not on larger learning curve. Anything that requires users to learn new and complex task to perform a desired action has little or no chance of resonating with them.
  • Dive deep in understanding the customer frustrations at every point of interaction with the intelligent systems. Fixing them is a major step in delivering exception user experience
  • Test usability and desirability often and continually. Ignoring this at any point will hamper the seamless experience.
  • Keep track on the user journey across channels to ensure you are moving with the path chosen by your users rather than expecting users to follow your defined path
  • There is no such thing called a “finished product”, consider making changes in response to an ever-evolving market
IoT is no more an aspirational futuristic trend. It is here, now. While, one piece of data can provide a lot of value to businesses, the opportunities are tremendous, with the billions of connected devices and sensors. The businesses who realize the importance of delivering exceptional user experience in today’s IoT world are the ones who will truly thrive!
The devices have begun communicating with one and other, the internet is playing its platform. Is your business ready to take the next step in becoming a part of this $20 billion market?

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